Paris: Capital of France, City of Love, City of Lights. Paris: Eternal City, where streets have been marked by centuries before, where all roads seem to lead to. August’s Ciné-Club will be dedicated to Paris, a city where anything can happen. Walking in the streets of Paris is like going back in time, turning the clock back. This month, you will follow the paths of several Parisian, through different eras. Dive into the 16th with La Reine Margot, at the core of major historic events or back to the 50’s (Les Quatre Cents Coups) or 60’s (Les Femmes du 6e étage). Get to also know “Paname”, a modern declination of the French capital in Gare du Nord. Whether they are famous historical characters or unknown persons, explore Paris through their lens.

 “All cities have a heart, the heart of the city, where blood flows, where life is intense, where anything can happen: it is a crossroads, where all roads seem to lead to. Paris’ heart is however particular, it changes depending on anyone, it can be everywhere you want it to be. Everyone has its own Paris, within Paris.”

 (Excerpt from the book Mémoires d’un tricheur, 1935, Sacha Guitry)

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YOUNG LOVE | September

September rimes with Teenagers. This month, get to know 4 teenagers and their first experiences of love and emotions. The 4 movies address the topic of “Young Love” in their own way. Un amour de jeunesse shows the difficulty to forget your first love whilst J’aime regarder les filles focuses on the risks someone is willing to take to be loved back. LOL (Laughing Out Loud) ® explores the daily life and struggles of a teenage girl and the mother-daughter bond. Les Beaux Gosses, on the other hand, tackles the subject in a caustic manner, yet genuine, to enable all spectators to feel their first emotions once again.

Riad Sattouf (Les Beaux Gosses’ director): People are funny at this age. Teens express their emotions directly. I am certainly interested by teenagers because I am curious; curious about a time which seems unfamiliar to me. This time is amusing, because it is different for each generation and yet, it seems to always be the same old story.

(From an interview by Pierre-Yves Hurel for Le Petit Journal, December 2009).