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Is French really the language of love? At Alliance française we are absolutely convinced about it, but our idea of love is far from the ones depicted by fairy tales. In May, we want to show you odd and compelling love stories, the ones that were not meant to happen but which overcame the toughest hindrances. These couples are the ones nobody could have suspected. Some of them are pulled apart because of their lifestyles and political beliefs (Le Nom des Gens), or the social norm of their time (La Belle Saison), or even rivalry (Comme des Frères). Others defy the judicial system (9 Mois Ferme) or even gender assignation (Une Nouvelle Amie).


« Notre travail à Anaïs Demoustier et à moi était de mettre en avant les sentiments, les émotions, d’une histoire d’amour universelle. Elle a une liberté particulière, bien sûr, mais quand on s’aime il y a de toute façon toujours ce besoin d’être libre. »

 « Our work, with Anaïs Demoustier, was to feature feelings and emotions of a universal love story. Our story has this distinctive freedom of course, but when there is love, there is always this need for freedom. »

 – Romain Duris, lead actor in Une Nouvelle Amie



What happens when a loved one goes missing? June’s Ciné-Club follows the destinies of the ones who remain and go on a quest to find their lost relatives. From a moving comedy where a young man searches for his grandmother who escaped from her nursing home (Les Souvenirs), to a drama about a teenager falling into depression after the disappearance of her twin brother (Je Vais Bien Ne T’en Fais Pas), or a mysterious thriller following a man and his journey between France and Israel (La Dune). Finally, the cycle will close with astounding drama Les Cowboys, a movie about a father embarking on a 16-year odyssey to track down his daughter, which was in the limelight at last year’s Directors’ Fortnight during Cannes Film Festival.

 « Cela pèse lourd, une absence. Bien plus lourd qu’une disparition. Parce qu’avec les morts, c’est commode, on sait qu’ils ne reviendront pas. Tandis que les lointains nous narguent ou nous font espérer. »

«The weight of an absence is heavy. Heavier than a loss. With the deceased, we know they will never come back whilst the missing ones tease us from afar or make us believe they will come back. »

 Quotation from the book Vivre vite, 2015, Philippe Besson