Alliance Française de Singapour offers you various online resources following the programme of your courses to practise what you’ve learnt in class!
Learning French has never been so easy!



If you are registered in a course using Alter Ego+, you have FREE access to 500 online exercises for each textbook!
Register online using your personal login available in your Alter ego + textbooks.

Click here to download the user guide in English.

Practise more to quickly improve your French.

You can also download the audios of your course material here :


If you are registered in a course using Edito (A1 to C1), you have a compulsory digital copy of your course material to access at home the audios and videos used in class .

Take a look at the back of the cover page of your textbook to find the unique code to be used to access the digital copy, from an internet browser or installing the app on your laptop.

First, create an account and the website below and once logged in, click on the ''add a resource'' button to use your code, your digital copy is now ready to be used ! Choose the ''En ligne'' button to open it directly from an internet browser.

You can also benefit from more resources including extra exercises on the publishing house's companion website here, you would simply have to create an account first :

DELF Preparation course material ONLINE

If you are registered in a DELF Preparation Course using 100% Réussite  textbooks, you can access audios and sample papers from the publishing house's website below ; simply answer the question asked (''What is the last word at the bottom of page xxx ?'')

A1 :
A2 :

B1 : 
B2 :
C1/C2 : 


Adomania course material ONLINE

If your teen is registered in a course using Adomania 1 to 4  textbooks, you can access audios as well as hundreds of exercises using the ''Parcours Digital'' app on the link below :


LOUSTICS course material ONLINE

If your child is registered in a course using Loustics 1 to 3  textbooks, you can access online documents and activities here :