8 MAY - 19 JUNE

In May, as part of the French Excellence programme, Alliance Française turns our attention to the studios and salons of the masters of modern art, as well as their enduring legacies on the art world and its artists. 

With a dazzling array of programmes, featuring an exhibition, workshops, screenings, talks, and a live performance, we invite you to be enchanted by the world of modern art!

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INFLUENCERS is part of French Excellence, a yearly programme created by Alliance Française de Singapour to better share the best of French culture with all the communities through a large array of exhibitions, workshops, talks, screenings etc. The objective is also to create a dialogue between cultures and to strengthen the ties between people. After the French art of fine dining last month, the month of May will be dedicated to modern painters and their influence on the contemporary art scene. 


Gathering contemporary artists from Europe and Southeast Asia, this exhibition examines the enduring legacy of Modern Art on artists and their practice today. Under the overhanging influence of former masters who, like father figures, can be both instructive and overbearing, how do artists today assert their individuality while remaining rooted in the heritage of the art world? Situating the production of art in today’s hyperconnected world – with the proliferation of new media art and the need to reach an audience in the context of a pandemic – here at Alliance Française de Singapour, we invite you to the “Salon des Influenceurs” to be part of a reunion of 11 international artists of our time. A reference to the “Salon des indépendants” of the previous century which hosted the pioneers of Modern Art, we offer an insider’s look into the works of contemporary artists, allowing you to discover the many cross-cultural influences and trends emerging in the world of painting today.

8 May - 19 June 2021
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with Dr Robert Casteels

Impressionism was a style among various French composers in Western classical music during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and developed a generation after impressionism in visual art. Focusing on tone colour and fluidity, it endeavored to create atmosphere, and to convey complex emotion as opposed to providing simple prosaic description. Held in English, this illustrated talk will present participants with an in-depth knowledge of this short but brilliant period in the history of music, as well as allow participants to discover musical masterpieces by Gabriel Fauré, Henri Duparc and Claude Debussy. 

Saturday, 8 May - 6pm [Sold Out]
Saturday, 8 May - 7:15pm
 [Sold out]


performance: resonances

RESONANCES is an exciting new multidisciplinary and modular performance. Through storytelling, movement, video projection, live and pre-recorded music, RESONANCES reflects upon how human resilience enables us to overcome crises and how Beauty, Nature and Art exemplified by Georgette Chen play fundamental roles in our society. Art songs by French Impressionists Fauré and Debussy and an original soundtrack by Robert Casteels will accompany you throughout this contemplation. 

Date to be confirmed depending on safety measures in effect. More info soon. 



The world of art is dazzling and dizzying, bewildering yet beguiling. Come take a peek into the secrets of this kaleidoscopic world with our films for May. A Splash Of Colour presents an array of films - all about art! From documentaries on the art world's darlings, to dramatic historical romances, to family-friendly fun. there's a film for everyone! Be sure to book your tickets quick - the galleries of the exhibition will open its doors real soon. 
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Enjoyed the various tastings during À TABLE? There's still more to come... We are planning an exciting line-up of absinthe, champagne, and wine tastings, and much more, so stay tuned as we will be releasing more information very soon!

Format and dates to be confirmed on our website depending on the current situation and the safety measures in effect.