Francophonie Festival at Alliance Française

                As part of the Francophonie Festival, organized from March 10 to 28 in Singapore, Alliance Française in partnership with the French-speaking embassies in Singapore offered a multitude of programs for students and the public. 

                Here they are in a nutshell:

                The Francophonie Film Festival
                This year, the theme of the Francophonie Festival was sustainability. As the issue of global warming has become an increasingly pressing issue, Alliance Française sought to highlight these issues and the questions that arise from them through a selection of films and documentaries. Eleven films and more than fifteen screenings helped promote the Francophonie in Singapore. From plastic sandals to agricultural issues, a diverse range of sustainability topics was brought to the forefront of the festival through the filmmakers of the Francophone. It was indeed an eye-opening experience for us and members of the public as we discover the consequences of our contributions to the environment. 

                The Tan Sri Dr Runme Shaw Challenge Cup 2022
                An award ceremony for the best students of the institution was held on the 26th March 2022, in the presence of the President of Alliance Française, Andrew Law and Executive Director, Fabian Forni. Prize winners received superb prizes including a round trip to Paris via AirFrance and a staycation at the Royal Plaza on Scotts, an iconic Singaporean hotel. For the first time this year, Alliance Française also awarded the most loyal student with the Jenny Sim Scholarship. We feel grateful for the dedication of our winners to the French language and culture, and we are heartened by the impact made on our students by our institution. We seek to congratulate our winners once again for their efforts and their success.

                Dis-moi Dix mots
                The 2022 edition of Dis-moi Dix mots, a short writing competition, was a great success again this year. On the theme of Stupefaction, "50 STUPEFYING WORDS", more than 80 texts in French and English, of 50 words maximum, were proposed. The competition was offered to our students, partner schools and the public through our social media.

                Dictée des mots de la Francophonie
                The Dictée des mots de la Francophonie was offered in classes of our young FLAM audiences. After pedagogical work on the words of Dis-moi Dix mots, the students were able to test their dictation knowledge, according to their levels. The winners enjoyed a crepe at the Café Diabolo!