I. General Matters

 1. How do I return books when the library is closed?
Please return your books in the drop-off box beside the registration counter on Level 1 outside library operating hours.

2. Can I borrow books when the library is closed?
If you have classes outside of operating hours but would like to borrow books, we can arrange for your books to be collected at the reception. Please contact us directly via email or phone for more details.

3. Visiting the library
For members: Members are allowed to visit and borrow books from the library at any time during operating hours.

For non-members: We are open to members of the public. You will not be able to borrow books out of the library; nonetheless you are still welcome to browse onsite.

4. Am I allowed to eat and drink in the library?
No. Eating and drinking is not allowed on library premises.

5. What should I do if I would like to donate books?
Thank you for wanting to contribute your books!

Firstly, please check that the books you would like to donate are in the correct language, i.e. Français. Ensure that they are in relatively good condition, with no loose pages and are not yellowed or stained.

Then, take a photo of the books showing the titles and general condition and email it/them to us. Once we have confirmed that we will accept your donations, please 
pass your books to either: (a) The reception counter or (b) The librarians during opening hours.

II. About the Online Catalogue

1. How do I find my 'Online Catalogue' number?
Please proceed approach any of the librarians or email us to ask for your login ID.

Note: Your login ID is not the same as the number on your membership card and cannot be retrieved on your end. 

2. How do I reserve a book?
Go to and click 'Online Catalogue' 

b.  'Click on 'Document search' and key in the title of the book you would like to reserve.

c.  Click on the 'Reserve' button at the bottom of the page, and key in your account number and surname. A reservation will be placed!

Note: You may only place a reservation for a book that is already on loan. If you would like for us to hold a book that is currently available, please contact us directly via email or phone.

3. How can I view my loans?
a.  Go to and click 'Online Catalogue'